Black Lives Matter: resources for machine learning practitioners, researchers, and allies

Black Lives Matter! As the diversity and inclusion lead at Aggregate Intellect, I felt that it’s important to make our stance clear. At Aggregate Intellect, we recognize that this is not an issue for the Black community to solve alone. This is an issue for all of us to solve together. As a community of machine learning practitioners, we are all equipped with a unique skill set that allows us to make a difference. This post outlines ways you can contribute as a technologist, and how you can contribute as a general member of society as well. Special thanks to Suhas Pai, our NLP Stream Owner and the director of our weekly newsletter for putting together a large portion of these resources!

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Order Matters: Alibaba’s Transformer-based Recommender System

I wrote a blog post describing Alibaba’s new recommender system that leverages the popular Transformer architecture. It’s a great example of the intersection of NLP and Recommender Systems. I originally posted it on the AI Socratic Circles blog, which I manage, so please feel free to navigate there if you’d like a full-page experience, and if you’d like to check out some of the other content. For those who prefer to stay on this page, I’ve embedded the original article below. And thanks to the two editors of the post, Susan Shu and Omar Nada.

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