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I love how WordPress allows us to analyze the traffic to our site. It’s interesting to see what posts are the most popular. Here are some of them, based on the number of times they’ve been read.

Bitcoin: What’s the Math? I wanted to learn more about how Bitcoin worked, so I read a lot, and wrote down my thoughts and understanding here.

English to Cantonese Translation: A Quick Hack in Under an Hour. I wanted to play around with Selenium WebDriver to see if I could solve a problem I had, which was translating from English to Cantonese. This was a fun hack that gave a simple solution, no neural networks required. Click here for the article.

Fluid Dynamics = Financial Mathematics. This post was inspired by my supervisor, Jianping Gan, during my time pursuing my Master’s degree at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Professor Gan always talked about the forces that drive ocean flow, and how similar forces are at play in financial markets. Thanks, Gan! The link to the article is here.