Vancouver Public Art: Data Exploration and Visualization in Python


Mini project. Exploratory data analysis and visualization of public art in Vancouver, since 1936.


Python-based data exploration. Used the pandas, Basemap, seaborn, matplotlib.


Obtained from Vancouver’s open data catalogue.


The majority of art installations are in the downtown area and near Main Street, and privately owned (i.e. not established by the City), with very little in residential areas. Sculptures and murals are common types of art. There was a spike in art installations by the City in 2010, likely in preparation for the Olympics. 65% of these installations in 2010 have been removed as of 2017.

Locations of public art, since 1936.
Public vs private art in Vancouver since 1936.
Location of all sculptures and murals in place, and removed, since 1936.
Status of public art, per neighbourhood, since 1936.
Status of public and private art, since 1936.
Art ownership by neighbourhood, since 1936.
Type of art in the city and its ownership, again since 1936.
Time series of art installations.
Art installations in 2010.
Time series of art installations, by type of art.